About Me

I’ve been programming in the IT industry for over a decade, working in Australia, Europe and Asia.

During my career I’ve worked on projects ranging from Active Directory scripting and Cisco IP Phone programming, to creating complex RIA’s involving real time video and chat capabilities. I’ve also designed and developed Enterprise solutions with Adobe LiveCycle, and have created websites using various CMS technologies, including Drupal and AEM/CQ5.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and I’m also an Adobe Certified Expert in CQ 5.5 Component Developer, LiveCycle Designer ES4, Coldfusion, and Advanced ColdFusion.

Currently I’m working full time as a Senior Developer for BizTech Enterprise Solutions in Melbourne, Australia. I also work on freelance projects in my spare time.

Adobe Certified Expert CQ Component Developer     Adobe Certified Expert LiveCycle Designer ES4 badge

Adobe Certified Expert ColdFusion     Adobe Certified Expert Advanced ColdFusion

Scrum Master

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