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Day CQ WCM Debug Filter Configuration Missing

As part of general security hardening of an AEM instance, Adobe recommends turning off the debug filter in Production Publish instances as part of the OSGi configurations (http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/deploying/security_checklist.html#OSGI Settings). However, it seems that this configuration is no longer found in … Continue reading

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AEM Best Practice: OSGi Configurations

One of the best practices I’ve come across recently in AEM is to never use the OSGi console directly to edit configurations. People may argue “But that’s what it’s there for!”, and indeed it is an easy interface to use … Continue reading

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CQ5 Gotchya: Client Libraries Not Automatically Refreshing – Part 2

In addition to the blog post I wrote about CQ5 Client Libraries Not Automatically┬áRefreshing, there is another issue with client libraries that has been introduced in AEM (CQ5.6). When you create a new client library (cq:ClientLibraryFolder) in AEM, it is … Continue reading

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CQ5 Gotchya: Nothing Showing in CRXDE Lite

When working on a CQ5 project for a client that involves multiple development environments, I came across an issue on some of the dev servers. For most of them, logging into CRXDE Lite gave me the full tree of the … Continue reading

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