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AEM Dispatcher and Vanity URLs

One of the problems that AEM had with vanity URLs was that for each vanity URL there needed to be a filter rule that allowed access to the vanity URL in the Dispatcher. This meant that a content author could … Continue reading

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Tips: Debugging Dispatcher Authorisation Issues

While working on client sites and delivering AEM training, occasionally the dispatcher would not be caching content as expected. ¬†For example, when setting up a default dispatcher and trying to cache Geometrixx Outdoors pages, I would get the following output … Continue reading

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CQ5 Tutorial: Automatic Dispatcher Cache Invalidation – Part 2

In my previous post about Automatic Dispatcher Cache Invalidation in CQ5, I only told half the story. The method described in that post allows the author instance to notify the dispatcher when a page has been modified. But there are … Continue reading

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CQ5 Tutorial: Automatic Dispatcher Cache Invalidation

In order to set up automatic cache invalidation on the Dispatchers, you need to create new replication agents on your Author instance. Log into your author instance, and open the Tools console. Open the Replication tree in navigation pane and … Continue reading

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