AEM Forms Gotchya: Forms Manager Not Running Correctly

I was trying to use Forms Manager in my local ES4 installation for the first time today, and even though I had installed the module when installing AEM Forms (previously known as LiveCycle) the Forms Manager option was not appearing for me in the main menu at http://localhost:8080/lc

Forms Manager Missing

The strange thing about this is that if I navigated directly to the actual Forms Manager URL at http://localhost:8080/lc/fm, Forms Manager was running. However none of my LiveCycle applications were listed, and when trying to syncronise my applications with Forms Manager as described in Getting forms in Forms Manager I was not allowed due to permissions errors, even though I was logged in as the Super Administrator. When I updated my own user with ALL roles in LiveCycle, I could not even access Forms Manager at all.

Forms Manager Not Enough Access Privileges

I asked a colleague of mine Darren about this (who runs his own LiveCycle blog The LiveCycle survival kit), and he suggested I try and run Configuration Manager again. When Configuration Manager reached the step of “LiveCycle ES4 Component Deployment Validation”, it passed validation but not without some warnings that some DSCs were not running. One of these was “adobe-formsmanager-dsc.jar is deployed but is not currently running”.

Forms Manager DSC Not Running

I opened Workbench, and sure enough the FormsManager DSC was in a stopped state. A simple right-click on the component to open the menu, then clicking “Start Component” started the component. After re-running the “LiveCycle ES4 Component Deployment Validation” step in Configuration Manager again, this warning did not appear. After Configuration Manager finished, I opened the Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Modules page again at http://localhost:8080/lc and sure enough, Forms Manager was listed and working correctly this time.

Forms Manager Present

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