5 Responses to CQ5 Tutorial: Customising the Login UI

  1. Sam says:

    Hi Kristian,
    Hope you are good. I have couple of questions. Could you please help me on this –
    1) I have to implement authentication mechanism same as how author instance works. For example, if any user request for any page http:somehost:someport/content/geometrixx/en.html then system should open the page http:somehost:someport/content/geometrixx/en/toolbar/account/login.html and only after successful login sling should redirect to required page.
    I looked into Login Selector Authentication Handler and Sling Authentication Service but it seems there is no configuration here. Could you please let me know your thoughts on how to proceed on this? How it will be possible without CUG and how similer mechanism works in Author instance?
    2) My requirement is, user will enter userid in CQ based form and this userid will be validated by 3rd party system using REST call from CQ. Now once user is validated in 3rd party system then user should be able to login to CQ. We do not store user information in CQ.
    So, for the purpose of implementation I was thinking about a custom login module or a custom authentication handler, but I am confused on which one to implement.
    Best regards,

    • sakshi says:

      Actually i want to know that when i give some input type in my CQ jsp page, how will i map that value to the backend java code?

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  3. priyank says:

    Hi, Same way i can change logo of aem on starting page as well as aem/start.html in 6.4?


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