LiveCycle Gotchya: Turnkey Installation JBoss Issues

While developing an application recently with Adobe’s Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator (CMSA) 2.5, I had the need to re-install LiveCycle after breaking it! The uninstall process went without a hitch, but when re-installing, everything seemed to be working fine until the very end where I got this pop-up:

Turnkey Install Error. The Turnkey Installation did not complete as expected.  Please refer to the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 documentation for further steps. Turnkey Install Verification Error: The JBoss Service was not created successfully.

After checking the documentation for further steps (and not finding anything regarding this issue), and scouring the net finding that no one else seemed to have come across this error before, I dug around into the JBoss directory for further clues.

It seems that the installer had a problem running the batch file that installs JBoss as a service. Once the reason is apparent, it certainly gives the error message more meaning. By opening a command prompt, navigating to \JBoss\bin and running the following line

service.bat install

the service was created correctly, and everything is dandy again.

Moral of the story: Even though part of the error may be misleading, other parts can still help you out.

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